Vengeance Prevail

by Always War

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ALWAYS WAR is a hardcore band founded in Sweden in 2007. Mixing metal and old school hardcore, drawing influences from anything like bay area thrash metal, New York hardcore and their own native metal and punk scene, the band always makes sure to keep their sound full of energy and aggression without loosing the sight of the finish line.


released November 12, 2010



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Always War Sweden

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Track Name: Path of The Damned
Always war: Path of the damned.

You think life´s hard, you struggle some time.

Turning inwards to get some peace of mind.

Victim of your self-righteous ways.

Your going down.

Is this how you´ll end your days?

Marching the path of the damned

It´s your own blood on your hands

Marching the path of the damned


You blame the world but its all in your head.

Wake up and face it cause soon you´r dead.

Time´s up. Act before its too late.

It´s now or never. Turn your back on this pointless hate.

You blame the world but its all in your head

Its time to wake up cause SOON YOUR DEAD

Its your own blood that you got on your hands

Now when your walking down the PATH OF THE DAMNED
Track Name: These Are The Ways
Always War:These are the ways

Suffocation of the land that gave us birth.

Soul strangulation. If there is no will, there is no hurt.

Endless mind corruption. Endless ways to keep us numb.

A million ways keep us down another million to keep us dumb.

These are the ways that will bury us all.

There is no turning back.

Mass consumption has taken its toll.


Destruction! Its all a part of our game.

Consumption! Who will be the first of us to take the blame?

Resurrection of old ways that failed the test.

Another public election rigged by the ones who knows our best.

These are the ways that will bury us all.

There is no turning back. WE SOLD OUT.

These are the ways that will bury us all.

Everything turning black. WE SOLD OUT.
Track Name: Vengeance Prevail
Always War: Vengeance Prevail

Let´s go!

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
No price to high just to clear your name.
A push a shove no insult to small.
If not avenged it will bring you shame.

That look in your eyes.
All the hate all the lies.
Vengeance prevail.
You fail.

You talk of respect as you knew what it meant.
But to you it´s just another word.
Blood for blood the language you speak
The only way you know to make yourself herd.

The look in your eyes.
The hate THE LIES.
Vengeance prevail.
Track Name: In this Final Hour
Always War: In this final hour

You bow down, and face the ground. And you ask your self.

What will become of this hate?

You realize the need to save this world, but let´s face the facts.

It´s all ready to late.

You look around for another way, in this final hour in this final day.

No! There´s no get away. Now the time has come fore us all to pay.

In this final hour.

No way we can win this fight.

It´s got to end, and let´s end it to night!

Time´s here to raise the stakes.

We have to do what ever it takes.

Strapped down, gagged and bound. So let´s ask our selves.

Is this really our fate?

While our bridges burn and every thing Is too late.

We lost ourselves in this endless world of hate.

In this final hour.

In this final day.

In this final hour, WE PAY.

In this final day, WE PAY.

In this final hour, WE PAY.

We pay.
Track Name: All These Threats
Always War: All These Threats.

All these threats....

All these threats filled with empty words.

They put you way far out of line.

Now you better step up or just step right back.

Cause you will need more than your words to….

Bring me down x 3

You can´t bring me down.

(Down) to your level I will never sink.

But you pushed me way to far.

Now the time has come to set things straight.

This time you will need more than words to…

All these empty threats of yours, all these empty words.

All the times you´v crossed the line. All times you tried to drag me….. down.

All these empty threats of yours, all these empty words can´t bring me down.

You can´t BRING ME DOWN.

You won´t BRING ME DOWN.